Thursday, January 6, 2011

 Summer solstice eve, eating dinner outside, feeling very grateful for many many things.

the evening light, as it shines into the kitchen and ricochets of the pictures on the pantry door....

last week i turned 27. Age is a strange thing really, maybe Aaliya is right: it aint nothin but a number....

There was however, cake, presents from my little sister who is here on a whirlwind visit from snowy gemany, as well as a horde (in a good way) of visitors who have made things feel very summer-holidayi indeed. Another bonus to living by the sea.
on another note, have been making lots of infused oils. Like this rosemary infused olive oil: for ones hair, for cooking, as a body oil... endless posibilites given that all you need to do is put some herbs and oil in a jar and wait for the sun to work its magic! 
i hope everyone is loving the summer feeling (or winter feeling, as the case may be for some)!

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