Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Things that are making me smile:

What do you do when you are lucky enough to return home from the much talked-about holiday with 8 litres of raw milk (which is, for some outrageous reason illegal to sell in australia, unless of course it is classed as 'bath milk')? well, aside from drinking a huge amount everyday, which i assure you, we have been doing, you can make cream! (and some other things, which are still in the making and if they turn out as planned, i will show you)

We used to have a nature table at our old house, and for some reason it has taken me this long to set up another one. I'm glad i did though, i think it is a lovely idea and a wonderful way of incorporating the seasons into the day to day life with small children. It feels like something quite alive, some things get added (stones, flowers, figures) and some get taken away, and of course, it changes when the seasons themself change.

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  1. your nature table is beautiful and im feeling inspired to set one up too. the girls have reached that age where they can enjoy finding treasures for the table ect. We have finished all of our milk in about 3 days and now both of the girls have runny snotty noses!!!