Wednesday, February 2, 2011

of old friends and new friends.........

After feasting and building and swimming with some much loved old friends (thanks for lovely time v+m!), we said hello to some new friends: meet peanuts' new girlfriend, e. Since johnny drama has gone to duck heaven, following a mysterious death, peanuts has been displaying all the symptoms of duck-depression. So it's nice for him to have a little friend.Especially since peanuts' new friend e, is in fact a female duck and peanuts' it turns out, is a drake (which goes a long way to explain the suspicious absence of eggs). oh, sweet duck romance is in the air friends.
Also new to this little part of the world is happy the rabbit. happy however, at least today was probably more freaked out than happy (didn't much like the car), but i am optimistic he will live up to his assured i will keep you updated on the riveting links between animal names and their particular psychology!

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