Thursday, May 5, 2011

Things that are lovely.....

 Dear Friends, i know that to some of you this might not seem very exciting, but i went to a local fabric/wool/craft/sewing shop last weekend, where they were selling balls of yarn for 80 cents each!(there was a 20% off sale the $1 balls) yes, i admit, i felt like a child in a candy shop. minus the belly-ache afterwards! oh lovely wool! what will a make with you?!

 We have been perfecting the art of home-made pizza, i don't think i could ever go back now..... ahh, who knew kale could have so many uses? or that you can combine carrots, olives, onion,kale, cheese, feta, roasted capsicum, sun dried tomatoes and basil with amazing results?
 I think this is my favorite playground in the area, who can pass up full beach frontage seen from the top of a slide?

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