Wednesday, January 4, 2012


In the brief span of time that is this year so far, many things have been happening in this little corner of the world:

~ there has been collections of bounty from the road trip, waiting on the nature table to be eaten/cooked/turned into cuttings for the garden..
~ there has been jam-making, and garden collecting, and the admiring of new rag rugs.
~ there have been many many lovely visitors, who have quite enjoyed the little chicks of this house, including the small chicken....
~ there has been a lot of mango eating (by the little ones) and coffee drinking (by the big ones).
~ there has been a huge heatwave, in which the children spent the day in cold water, the pumpkin looked like it was about to die, and i spent my studio time in a room with the shades drawn, fan on, working by a little spotlight.
~ and finally, we harvested a huge crop of (our first homegrown)

yes, so little time, so much life!

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