Monday, February 21, 2011

Candlemaking: a little bit of how-to

i often find that when i have a big candle (or even a little one), that it always burns a hole down the middle, but that a lot of wax remains, it looks like this:
so, instead of being wasteful, why not make new candles out of old ones? here is what i did:

~gather all old candles
~ bring water to boil in pot with stainless steel bowl in it
 ~ put all your wax in and let it melt so it is completely fluid

 ~in the meantime, make our wick: coat some cooking twine (make sure it's 100% cotton) with some butter, this will make it burn
  ~ wrap the wick around a piece of twig, like so:
 ~ i made some in glass jars, but you can also make a mould by buttering the sides of a plastic container. this one is quite wide, so i used two wicks:

 ~ put them on some cardboard or newspaper because you WILL spill some wax....
 ~ pour in your melted wax
 ~ enjoy your new/recycled candle!

1 comment:

  1. Yay they are beautiful! i must try as you make it look so easy....well done mama!