Wednesday, March 9, 2011

train adventure

Today we went on a little trip to meet with friends.... a much needed outing after quite a few weeks at home with at least one of us having some form of cold/flu/not feeling well.
                   So, off we went and saw:

 ~ the first signs of autumn 
 ~ a LOT of train tracks, stations, roads, cars...

~ a lot of very industrial-looking wasteland, machines, rubbish. i love these places. they are usually right on the edge, like we are ashamed of them. Really, these industrial areas are the underpinnings of our current civilisations. maybe it's no coincidence that they are considered to ugly....

~ and speaking of values in/of civilisation, we saw this beautiful and very very old (by australian standards) house in the city, which had the most beautiful floor....

~ lots of lane ways, gardens, skyscrapers, cafes, bars, offices, parks and streets. yes, it was nice to walk old streets again. thanks for lovely day j+n!

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