Monday, November 7, 2011

back in germany...

 back in germany for one week. i was happy to see my sweet friend again, but it took me 6 days to recover from leaving kenya. going from kenya to germany surely must induce culture shock in even the 
well-travelled globetrotter. they are, literally and figuratively, worlds apart. i have a new respect for people who are able to move between them with such apparent ease. of course by the time i had gotten used to idea of not being in kenya anymore and was happy to be back in germany, we had to leave there too, and begin the long haul back to the other side of the world (38 hours not including getting to the airport to be exact). the whole time, i carried a bit of kenya in my heart, and on my head (for which i paid about $2 in a little booth in front of our house)

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