Thursday, July 31, 2014

oh, the places we've been!

Looking back over the photos of late, it seems we have been out exploring the world. a lot. 
here are some of the things we've seen on our journeys:

All it took was a little bit of sunshine and a little less icy wind for us to pack picnics and ride/walk/run to the end of the street.
Of all the amazing beaches in this area, i really do love 'our' beach the most. Its so wild and familiar at the same time...

 There also has been a multitude of Melbourne outings lately.Since moving out of Melbourne 4 years ago,there has been a sure and steady dwindling of visits, especially as so many melbournian friends have been abandoning the city as well! But lately, with the smallest of us now able to walk (relatively) long distances, and the eldest of the littles embarking on her homeschooling adventures, there has been a lot of museum visits, exploring all that it offers, as well as random culinary adventures that are tricky to have out this way.
The botanical gardens have been a favourite destination too!

Of course the sunrise as seen out of our lounge room window is pretty beautiful too!

 Oh Melbourne, you really are a beautiful city!

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  1. Wow those look like great adventures!
    Lovely photos